• case Study
    Let the paper plane fly as far as you can!
  • My Role
    • UX / UI Design
    • iOS Development
  • Use case
    University Project
  • Technologies used
    • Swift UI
  • Where to see project?See Github
Blowplane is an iOS Game Developed using Swift. This game was created in a three-person team as part of a university course.

The purpose of Blowplane is to get the paper plane to fly as far as possible while avoiding incoming obstacles. The fact that the paper plane only flies when the user blows intothe iPhone's microphone is the clue.

By tilting the phone to the left or right while also continuing to blow into the microphone, the plane will fly to the left or right, allowing you to avoid incoming obstacles. There are also certain unique circumstances, such as strong rain and wind. In these situations, the user must blow more frequently and with greater force in order for the plane to continue to fly forward.

When the plane lands and touches the ground, the game is done.