• case Study
    Your Dashboard for Cryptocurrency Management.
  • My Role
    • UX / UI Design
    • Front & Backend Developer
  • Use case
    Personal Project
  • Technologies used
    • Next JS
    • React JS
    • Prisma
    • TailwindCSS
  • Where to see project?See Github
Coin-Dash was my first Next JS-based web application. The objective was to create a Dashboard that relied on registration and login authentication rather than storing user sensitive data such as passwords in the database.

This was accomplished by combining NextAuth with Prisma, a database client. Users can use either a Google or a Github account to register and authenticate on the Dashboard. The Prisma DB stores user-specific information such as presently held Cryptos.

The user of Coin-Dash has the option of specifying the quantity of Cryptocurrency he presently owns. This information is saved, and the current value of each stored currency is shown. This allows the user to monitor the balance of their crypto portfolios without having to enter into their security-sensitive cryptowallet.

Coin-Dash also displays live cryptocurrency values, as well as a tool that assesses the potential profit if a user had invested at a specific moment and for a specific amount.